Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Brew's Clues

Hey kids! Long time no see. Last couples of blogs haven’t been fit to print. Anyway with the recent banning’s, modern seems to be ripe(I mean Kird is now the best one drop?) for some brewing. Zoo is still probably on top, and other contenders are probably Affinity, Melira, Ad Nausem, Splinter Twin, Jund and possibly a teachings or gifts control list.

So a lot of green decks, some combo, and a slim chance of control. Now the next couple of decks are certainly not optimal, but hey the point of this piece is just to bring some new ideas into the format.
One of the more under-used cards in modern is my ole buddy Primeval Titan. I have been thinking about using him in a urza-tron build, the format is filled with aggro decks and running a traditional favorite against beatdown might do the trick.

Gifts and nail
4xPrimeval Titan
4xGifts Ungiven
4xTooth and Nail
2xsimic signet
2xGruul signet
1xnoxious revival
1xLife of the loam
12xurza suite
2xBreeding Pool
2xstomping ground
4xMisty Rainforest

2x Boseiju, Who Shelters All
4x repeal
4x Kitchen Finks
3xancient grudge.

Anyway, just some thoughts about what is in here and the overall goals of the deck.
The main line is to ramp to nine mana, and tooth for emrakruul and urabrask. Honestly, I think this is better than Kikki-Jikki+ Deceiver exarch, given that it is less fragile, and you pretty much always win after playing it.

Gifts Ungiven,

Alright the two main gift packages include gifting for Primeval Titan, Noxious Revival, Tooth & Nail, and Revive. The other is life of the loam, and three Urza-lands. One key thing about Primeval Titan is to grab two towers on your first turn, and then if you swing in again, grab powerplant & Mine, you end up netting two mana.

I put remand in the deck to add some extra Tempo, I definitely want some more signets possibly, just a little worried about Quasili Pridemage hitting the signet.

As far as side boarding is concerned I added Biorythem as my tech against Melira. After swinging with Emrakul, a million times, you can cast and watch their life go to zero.
Alright my next deck probably isn’t playable, but if it is I am playing it. It will put the Myr right into my opponent.

Myr Mortals
4 heartless summoning
4 fecundity
4 priest of urabrask
4 mogg warmarshall
4 myr retriever
4 myr sire
6 myr
2 grape shot
2 noxious revival
4 Idyllic tutor
2 plunge into darkness
4 city of brass
4 gemstone mine
4 relflecting pool
4 vivid crag
4 vivid grove
4 Silence
4 Ignorant bliss
4 Perilous Myr
3 Cheers

Alright, just so you guys can figure out the deck. The goal is to two play a Myr. Turn three, drop fecundity, Turn four play heartless summoning….and then cycle through your deck until you grape shot your opponent.

I doubt this is good at all, but if there is an eight man modern tournament, watch out for this brew.

Alright guys, I am sorry there isn’t much to this post, but I figured I would finally write something. One of my regrets that I had this year is not ptqing or playing in the right tournaments. I will never be a super grinder, but I really should have played in some of the local ptq’s with Valakut, just to see how far I could take it.

Anyway, if all else fails, expect me to be swinging in with some Apes and Goyfs!


Squirtle, the best lil turtle.

Robert ‘Too Mean’ Greene

Matt Moulson

Garret “Plays the Cello” Pezzello (whose commentry in the past kept this blog afloat)


The Philadelphia Eagles

Steve Clarry, does anyone like this kid, seriously?

Wizards of the Coast, I honestly haven’t liked most or any of your play decisions you made this
year. The sets are good, but let’s just say the main reason for writing this is the +1 on my PWPS.