Monday, July 5, 2010

why start the blog?

Before my first report on next week's Fnm I thought I should state the purpose for this blog. I have started this blog for a few major reasons, one I think I should start writing more. Since the end of school all I have been doing is punching code and using sytems at Reuters. While it pays the bills it does not really get me to express any creativity. Two, the game Magic: The Gathering is one my biggest passions throughout my life. I have played since Ice Age(the set not the age) and it has created a lot of joy. The game has a lof nuances and lessons that keep on challenging planeswalkers like myself. Third, it also will let me improve on my play(and your's too). With this I will not just have the wins and losses written down, I will have stories and decisions and how the played out. One of my biggest highlights will be on mulligans. Particularily after last week's disappointing string of losses, mostly in my mind because I kept bad hands. Lastly, I like irking the crap out Bobby Greene, any way to get under skin just a lil bit more is always fun. And what better way to do it than posting lame gags online. How many bobbys does it take regenerate a 7/4?? Unknown its never happened before. (its gonna be a quiet trip to Columbus)

The format will probably include both the Standard or limited FNM, and then the second half will focus on the cube and what i picked and how it went.Well I guess thats it for now :), I will write about the Fnm, the prerelease, and my feelings on M11 next week.


  1. AKA: Dave should stop playing Jund and go back to RDW. Have you seen the Top 8 from the Japanese Nationals?

  2. @spencer, lol i am definately thinking about it.