Monday, July 12, 2010

the ultimate comback?

Hmm first "real" blog post, trust me the pressure is building. Before I begin my tale of the past magic weekend I shall take you to the week before. I was a game up against Jesse "Lil Bear" Adams, already down 0-1 in the FNM standings, but I just 'Junded' him game. He was to blightning me twice. Don't matter, I got two sweet Blood Elves off the top lol. Game 2, BAM! I mull to five, he has a hand full of gas, and then before i know it I have less life in me then C-SPAN. Game 3's opener is this, Ravine, Rootbound crag, Leech, Blightning, Lightning Bolt, Blood Braid Elf. This was one of my worst kept hands ever, however "somewhat" understandable. If I draw Land next turn, I am in the game. If I draw it in the next two turns, I can come back. I don't, I lose...badly. Jund has one rule, if it has less than three lands in the opening, ship it back faster the Space Special.( The result led me to 1-3, and keeping bad hands against Spencer and my other opponent. Being on tilt ain't fun.

Shoot to past week, and an ultimate comeback tale, to where I win the FNM and carry Rachel McAdams off into the distance. That didn't quite happen. However I did make a small change. I added nest invader and a Garruk into the deck, over four Putrid Leech. The reason why is that there is no UW control. Henry, the only UW player has made the switch to boros. Nest invader would almost certaintly help me in pretty much every match over the leech. My match ups were as follows:

Round One Shawn with Mono Green Turbo Land:
I played Shawn round one. He was from the WCC crew . Before the match he said he knew of me o_O, I have so far fooled him and Alex Bertoncini( into thinking I am famous(no joke). If you want to be honest I don't remember too much of our games. Just a lot cascading and winning. He didnt have any of the card draw that you needed in order to keep the deck going. Eventually he spurted out, and lost to goblins, elves, or saprolings.
Round two Brendan with U/G Turboland:
Ahh finally "real" turbo land(i hope no one takes offense to that but any deck with Jace is better, I am even running it in Goblins). Before this match i never faced the deck before. This was a real tight series.

Game One,
I kept with my three land rule, and mulled, this hand had about as much gas as the gulf of mexico.(I do all of these analogy jokes for kids prepping for the SATs, its honestly because I care.) The match is all about having to deal with the little excelerators either the oracle or the lotus and then for gravy, get at his hand blighting, or hopefully build a board presense with ravine, siege gang or a team. It was very back and forth though, he was able to stall with "deal with this or I could go off card" each turn. Eventually he couldnt keep up with it.
I sided out Sarkon and Garukk, the Planeswalkers dont seem to be effective in this match. This is only a thought though. I took bit blast because how slow it is. I added Mind rot and burst lighting to keep up with my plan on how to fight turbo land.

Game two
This might have been one the best games of the night. I was able to answer all of his dudes early, but I wasn't able to really build a board presence with though. My Blood Braid went into Blighting, in fact all four blightnings were played against him. However, without a solid board presense I was not able to stop avenger of zendikar comming down, or the second one for that matter and lost. Great game altough it didnt go in my favor.

Game Three
This game was unlike the other two I answered his first couple of critters with either burst lightning, lightning bolt or terminate. Mind rot out of the board helped out quite a bit and he just wasnt able to recover. Plus I kept swinging in for five each turn.

Round 3 'Killin' Dylan Demartino with Jund.
Ahh the Jund Mirror match, our games were tight, but i honestly don't remember it too well. If I am wrong, Dylan, please flame in the comments. I can take it!.

Game one:
He was on the draw, he started things off with off with a putrid leech. I brought a nest invader(lands were tapped the turn earlier :\) , next turn he attacked and got in for four. Blood Braid elf came in on my side and brought a removal spell for the leech, leaving a red up. Dylan began stalling on mana. He swung in, I then bolted his Thrinax. I cleared his board with pulse the next turn. Eventually I was able to bring out Sarkon the mad. I began making Dragon's. The crucial play of the game was being too aggressive. I had one dragon in play and a nest invader. Sarkon had two loyalty. I choose to make another fearing a pulse. Dylan then pulsed both dragons away. Good god that was a mistake. it was one of the few times, you let sarkon sit there and draw out there removal. They kill Sarkon, you still have the dragon, the kill the dragon, make another one. Bad play by me.

Game two:
I had to mull and then got blightninged, so it wasn't too interesting. I stalled on land, and felt quite helpless. Props on Dylan for winning though.
Round 4The kid who forgot his elmo shirt, with brilliant ultimatium.
Pregame discussion: Bobby forgot to wear his elmo shirt to FNM. Currently we are all doning the full face sesame shirts. He decided to show his lack of commitent to the cause of public broadcasting this week by not wearing it on friday.

Game one.
I won the die roll, and got things started off, I went turn two Nest Invader, Turn three Blightning, he seemed to be slow on his mana. I dropped Blood Braid into Lighting bolt to get him to six. He then cast Day of Judgement on his turn. EOT I Lightning bolted him, and then blightinged him to close it out.
Sb plan: -3 Bit blast, +3 Mind rot, -4 terminate + 4 doomblade( may seem silly but i know he has kor firewalker)

Game Two
The match is I go in and race, make him discard cards he may or may not need, and then he either is a turn. After he day of judgemented, I went I dropped siege gang with two open. He then got his Combo underway. I divided the piles horribly, (cause I am a terrible player). I gave him three Ermrakul, which gave him three time walks and a 15/15. hmmm, bad plan???

Game 3.
I wasnt able to attack his life as much as i wanted. But i did get his hand with a mind rot and a blightning. Eventually he wrathed away the board(once again no Thrinax), I began attacking with Ravine each turn, to get him at 6. He ultimatiumed. I kinda luck sacked this match a lil. The ultimatium was Jace, Path, Time warp, Land, & Land, Path and the lands were useless(no creatures in play). He took the Jace and the blank, and then brainstormed into nothing. I swung in lethal the next turn. Honestly, I didnt play well enough to really win the match or to get bragging rights.

3-1, second place, better than 23rd :).

Congrats to Dylan for taking first. Later in the week I will reveal the my favorite constructed cards from Magic 2011 I am most excited about.

Until next time...


  1. nice post but no pre-release drama baby momma?

  2. nope, expect a rundown of Magic 2011 to happen thursday. Plus legacy drama, two goblins on cup.

  3. i don't recall you sending back your grip on game 2, though i could be wrong, also i think you neglected to mention the point in game 2 when you had like 700 tokens on the bord ready to overrun and i had to kill the garruk after you told me you were siding sarkhan out also the irony of me stabilizing at 1 after killing your sarkhan and palls and then domeing you with one of my own game 1 was also a point of intrest

  4. alright new rule on anonymous posts, you have to state who you are