Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Is reaching for your Zenith as good as it feels?

Is touching you Zenith as good as it feels?

Anyway the results from the last pro tour top 8 are in, and well we see a host of new cards and strategies both from besieged and from the evolution of the metagame. For those who need to look at the top 8 decklists here you go

Hmm let’s see if everyone is here….


SSShhhh, we are brain storming here with a new secret agent. And it’s getting tough with all these caws!!

Goblin guide?

Why must I Shine my lantern everywhere!?!?

Stonforge mystic?

I am feasting and causing famine.

Primeval titan?


Prime time titan?


Where are you buddy?? Are you in the loo? Nope. On holiday? Well where is he….

That’s right, nowhere to be found in the top 8. In fact only a few of the decks that had over 22 points were Valakut’s were in the top 8. Even a worse statistic is that it was by and large the most played deck. They problem very much lies in Stoneforge mystic and the decks inability to deal with control tapping out to play Jace or a threat, and then untapping. Although I will say that some changes could be made to the deck that will improve its new match ups. Also, if more people are packing heat for Jace and Stoneforge, Primeval will definitely make a comeback.

Hmm I guess I will make a decklist:

3 Avenger of Zendikar
3 Lotus Cobra
2 Oracle of Mul Daya
4 Primeval Titan(was thinking about cutting them)

3 Cultivate
3 Explore
4 Harrow
4 Khalni Heart Expedition
3 Lightning Bolt
4 Green Sun's Zenith

3 Evolving Wilds
5 Forest
2 Misty Rainforest
11 Mountain
1 Raging Ravine
2 Terramorphic Expanse
4 Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

4x pyroclasm
3x summoning trap
3x nature’s claim
2x gaea’s revenge
3x acidic slime

I guess will go over some of my card choices.

The return of lightning bolt

Lightning bolt seems to be a very good card right now in current metagame. The spell can kill Jace(sometimes!), Stonforge mystic, Lotus cobra and various other annoying pests.

Green’s Sun Zenith

Believe it or not there is actual debate between Trap and the Zenith. Zenith always gets you what you want, when you want, and can be played at different costs. The dissent does have a point, Trap provides a foil for the blue decks in countering everything, and also comes at instance speed. End of turn titan, can just blow people out when they least expect it. Too bad you can't grab goodies like revoker or inferno titan, cause otherwise the zenith would be the best card ever.

The rest is pretty self explanatory, but if you must ask just comment.

Join me next time, when I may or may not give a tournament report of this weeks Standard FNM.

PS, if you like the new Design let me know.


All of those who liked my last post


All of those who hated my last post

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Friday, February 11, 2011

What's more magical than love?

Hey kids! Sorry it’s been a long time since I updated. A lot things have gone on in my life(dude that’s your excuse for everything) but with Valentine’s day I couldn’t resist doing a special blog. I, like many magic players are not currently seeing anyone in particular. Usually that means we bring out more hate than dredge game two, but eh I figured I would have a more fun blog this time around. Still love and nerdiness can exist together as one. I could write about Valakut and strategy surrounding that deck(ok you have two green sources and 4 mountains, play prime titan and then swing next turn). But that wouldn’t be too exciting. I could also write about besieged in limited, my advice is that you always pick Mortapod, except if Butterfree (http://sales.starcitygames.com/carddisplay.php?product=232124) is in your pack.

Anyway I wrote terrible love songs and poetry, and as this is the holiday of love, I feel even less lame doing this. In this first song I wrote, this about a meeting between two enemies, who despite their loyalties to their faction, they can’t quite resist the urge to fall in love. If anyone wants me to sing the tune, well come find me, but try and imagine the tune. Trust me it’s as a poppy as a gnome in Greece.

Faction infatuation
By Leonin Skyhunter.

Defending the plane as one of the strongest cats,
Then I saw her, she came straight from the vat.
I knew at that moment that things wouldn’t be the same,
How could I love someone who is destroying my plane?
She’s a messed up elf,
With no idea of self,
But still I love above her everyone elseeee……

I’ve got Faction Infatuation,
In the heart of Mirrodin’s Devastation.
I may be a Mirran, but faction loyalty ain’t interfering,
I am in love, despite my plane disappearing,
I’ve got Faction Infatuation,
In the heart of Mirrodin’s Devastation.
I may be double white,
But that don’t mean, I have to fight,
Just love call it love at first siiiight.

While I bring metal craft,
She’ll infect me with a laugh,
This is all so great
Even with all of the proliferate.
She’s the girl I’ll date,
Even though I think and sigh,
Never gonna activate battle cry.
Why I do this we can never know why.

But I have….
Faction Infatuation,
In the heart of Mirrodin’s Devastation,
I brought my equip,
To show this love is legit.
I’ve got Faction Infatuation,
In the heart of Mirrodin’s Devastation,
I have a minus one,
And this feeling’s just begun,
Don’t know why but this love is as clear as five suns....

I think about her every now and again,
I go to hug her, realize my counter nearly at ten.
How could I be such fool?
Right in the middle of this duel,
Don’t why but I should have just fought,
Love was all that sought……

I’ve got Faction Infatuation,
In the heart of Mirrodin’s Devastation,
This plane may be besieged,
But I have been deceived.
I have a conscious that’s corrupted,
Man that card is busted.
Still with all this information,
I can’t get rid of my Faction Infatuation

Amount of people reading this blog before that song…10, amount afterwards….0. My parents must be so proud.
Well that was fun, either way speaking of gnomes in Greece. I know this is a magic blog, but heck D&D has love that goes with it too.

My Eldari.

By Eldrige 'Poppycock' Farragi

When first met the others took is as something small,

But at the end of the day our hearts grew bigger than them all.

For you write songs and I shoot spells,

How much our love will grow, only time will tell.

For the road ahead may be dark and steep,

Don’t worry we will get Gwain, that filthy creep.

I write this not because I am a silly gnome,

For with you Eldari, I could never feel alone.

I may change shirts, I may change shoes,

But trust me my heart will never change from you.

Kalareth may laugh, and Rothar may sneer,

That won’t matter to much to me my dear.

For they may heal and protect me so that I may live,
With you however, there is just so much you can give.

From the burrows from with I crept,

After I saw you, I was glad that I left,

Even after all of the fighting and all of the death

You’re the only one can take my breath

Why am I writing this blog? Well the truth is it has to with the “a lot going on in my life.” Last two month’s I had two people I know pass away from heart related conditions. And well ultimately, I felt I needed a pick me up from a lot time feeling down. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of the heart. Hearts mistakenly are given the role of making us love; truth is they are around to have people to love. I hope these words aren’t taken me making light of any death, just really trying to show human spirit even with everything, and just remind people out there that, whether you with someone or not, if your reading this far through the blog you probably mean something to somebody.


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