Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 2nice 2010’s awards!!!!

The 2nice 2010’s awards!!!!

Alright lame but heck I had to do a recap of the year or just the more memorable moments. Pretty much everyother tv show, social media, and whatever does this. So keeping up with originality, I should stick with the crowd. Not really going to be rewards, just what's memorable about magic for me and well everyone else.

Card of the year?

Sheesh this is a tough one, there really is two top candidates. One was the most dominating card in all of standard for the first half of the year, until it rotated(or cascaded) out. The other is a major powerhouse in standard, and sees play in every format up to vintage. Unfortunately for bloodbraid’s sake, I am going to have to take:

Too Nice: so what’s it like winning card of the year?
Jace: Shhh I am brainstorming
Too Nice: well the dci are currently investigating you for warping type two, what do you say to that?
Jace: Listen, no one seals my fate, before I get to fate seal them!! Also judging by what’s coming in this blog I suggest to the readers to stop now, it just goes downhill from here.
Too nice: Well there you have it Jace, the mind sculptor, proving all you need in life is money!

Cards of the year 2010:
1. Jace, the mind sculptor
2. Bloodbraid elf(released in 2009, but had a great run in 2010)
3. Survival of the fittest(had a really good run in 2010, legacy card of the year)
4. Vengevine
5. Primeval titan
6. Fauna shaman
7. Goblin guide
8. Baneslayer angel
9. Lightning bolt
10. Raging ravine

Biggest trend of 2010: The growth of independent tournament series.

Around three years ago, no one had any of these tournaments to go out and win money, amateur would either have to go to a PTQ , win, then win big at the professional level or do well at Grand Prix. The starcity open series, tcgplayer opens, and others are great ways for amateurs to win some money. Also the focus, is slightly taken away from pro-players and more on the open circuit.

Honorable mention:

The birth of commander as format. EDH and commander were always everyone’s favorite casual format, but wizards my think about sanctioning and making it official. Obviously it wouldn’t be for rating, just bragging rights.

Other honorable mention:

Huge trend in the call for banning cards. I mean it’s always been there but now it’s more prolific than ever. Wizards has already banned mystical tutor, to some surprise, but who knows how legacy will look tomorrow.

Most Memorable tournament(for me):

October vestal legacy event

It had a solid 16 finish, a therapy that wasn’t, plus it rehashed the bravado that we should all expect for me. It was at a time were you know, I needed a lift, and I got it. If you want more coverage check out my blog from that event, and check out blue waffles.

Honorable mention:

Friday Night Magic - 2010-09-10

I beat spencer in a tight match, with my Chandra killing his Baneslayer, and it was the first time I ever played against Jeff in a close match, that I ended up losing. This is also important as it was the last time I ever played RDW while shards block was legal in type two.

Hopes for 2011(magic wise)

1. Bigger prize pool at third
2. No cards get banned in 2011 or 2010 in any of the formats.(ie no cards get printed that are nuts and what’s legal in legacy and standard stay legal)
3. Good red cards(hopefully goblns) get printing, a good two drop, like hellspark elemental
4. Someone from 3rd Universe playing on the pro tour.
5. The jets winning the superbowl(if that’s no magical, I don’t know what its).
6. Titans return in 2012.
7. People stop being lurkers on this blog
8. My attempt to try and be a DM doesnt fail

Props of 2010:
Bryan Deyo, for making 3rd sanctioned for gaming.

Bobby Greene, for making an awesome cube

Mark Jacobs, for having an awesome D&D game

The people at 3rd universe for playing the game each and every week.


People who make bad calls

Tom Brady

Lurkers who read someone hard work and refuse to post any comments!!

People who post gross stuff on their blogs

Most memorable quote 2010:

"Do you think i'm pretty without any make up?"

Until next year...

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  1. dylan sez,
    in terms of most memorable quote... I would like to bring mention to what I thought was the best yo momma joke of this year back from fnm the day before the rise pre release...
    (Jesse) " Dave has no freinds"
    (Rice) " Jesse, your mom is like not of this world... seven or moar and shes free"