Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The first 'kut is the deepest

Hey kids! A lot is going on in my life right now, so right now I figured I’d write about something fun rather than dwell on it all day. Anyway, for those you who haven’t heard the news.

What a great day for America! The Japanese are not too happy... Anyway I am writing this post just to talk about valakut, and just the first version I would play. But I guess, just to reiterate, that yes, I am pro-banning, and yes, that it's possible, I am biasest. For those that will go on to study politics and political beliefs. The main reason why possible support a policy, is largely money(altough religion certaintly plays a role in some). Anytime a "group" views it as a net gain or loss to their financial status, you will see a huge statistical correlation.(Group i am defining as a class, race, sex, gender, sexual identiy, adjective). It appears magic is the same, regardless of what's good for the game as a whole. Pretty much all of the comments are either "yay I don't have shell out or lose" to "WHY GOD?!!? why did I spend all of that money?." Either way the most powerful card since skullclamp and the best two drop or all time are now only extended legal. So we will hate to wait till that ptq season is ruined!


4 Primeval Titan
4 overgrown battlement
2 avenger of Zendikar
2 Oracle of Mul daya


4 Explore
4 Harrow
2 Khalni Heart Expedition

2 Summoning Trap
4 Beast within
4 Green's sun's zenith


11 Mountains
3 Terramorphic expanse
3 evolving wilds
4 Valakut, the molten Pinnacle
2 verdant catacombs
5 forests


4 Pyroclasm

2 Obstinate Baloth

2 Summoning Trap

4 Combust

3 nature's claim

It could be a bit soft to aggro, in the future I may run bolt over beast within and more traps in the main. However, I think Beast within is underrated in the mirror. It's land destruction, which can be pretty key in the match. Anyway just a first 'kut.

Until next time...


  1. Why are you running 2 avengers? Do you think they have more utility in this deck than inferno titan? I might go one and one because you can grab them with green sun's zenith.
    Also, why are you running the verdant catacombs? I know it's important to get green sources but it might be somewhat of a dead draw if you already have 2 produces of green. It's too bad wooded foothills isn't in standard haha
    What happened to cultivate and raging ravine?
    At least stoneforge isn't a problem anymore so you don't need to run as many nature's claims...

  2. Catacombs goes really well with khalni heart and avenger. Also, its a good way to stop spreading seas. Avenger is the second best primeval titan. You can sometimes swing for around 30 with him. Inferno, usually doesnt get the job done. It was great(well nothing was great) against cawblade, but inferno's time has passed. Ravine also was an "anti-Jace" card, it made clunky draw except if it was turn one. Now that jace is absent He can be a forest.

    I am also thinking about urabrask as a card in the new standard. It gives primeval haste, and it shuts down twin/exarch.

  3. that was by dave