Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Dawn

The Grand Prix is finally underway this weekend. Being an amateur player, there are few events that could be so rewarding. In one weekend you could qualify for the pro tour, take home a major trophy, take home $3,500, and have bragging rights for at least the next 3 FNMS. Also with the format being Legacy, it just seems like magic as its supposed to be. The best cards without any of the cards being beyond belief unfair. I mean sometimes these cards can be just nuts with the right draws and right situation, but a lot of it seems to be best cards that need the right player. Essentially the brokeness balances itself out with two skilled pilots.

The deck I am picking is goblins, probably my favorite archtype of all time. There are a lot of misconceptions about goblins. Like "the best turn one is Goblin Lackey", "the deck is not resiliant enough", and "Goblins takes no skill to pilot". Hopefully these will play into my hands.

The decklist I have floating right now is:

8x fetch
4x rishdan
4x wasteland
7x mountain
23 land
4 x Aether vial
4x goblin lackey
4x goblin piledriver
4 x goblin warchief
4x goblin ringleader
4x goblin matron(the most underrated goblin)
4x gempalm incinerator
2x goblin chieftain
2x sting scourger
2 x siege gang
3 mogg warmarshall
4xBlood Moon
4x pyrokinesis
4x relic of progenitus
3x overload

The deck has a lot nuances. Essentially is much different than the standard red deck(pun intended lol). It is very comboish, with quick draws and speed. To show its resiliency, all you need to watch is a few matrons into ringleaders and see how it can come back from nowhere. In fact, Matron, like most tutors is the most skill intensive card in the whole deck. Matron has some versatility, you can grab card advantage to get ringleader, an answer in the form of stingscouger and gempalm, a threat by "himself" in siege gang or set up the nuts turn with either warchief or piledriver.

The best card in the whole deck is vile *cough* i mean Aether Vial. Aether vial, gives you free mana and uncounterability. The card works incredibly well with matron, either by vialing him out, or vialing out what you tutor out. Goblin lackey the second best, albeit more explosive, is quite possibly one the most fun cards in all of magic(if your on the right side of the table).

My sideboard is set up to deal with multiple strategies. Blood moon is just so incredible in this format. Some decks run only one one basic land in there whole deck. Think spreading seas is good, imagine spreading seas for 24! Back to my point of legacy being "real magic", my side board shows how red can answer particular stratgies. It can spoil you mana base and blow up your creatures and artifacts. Relic of progenitus is in for dredge, reanimator, and against Lands. Altough blood moon might be good enough against lands :)

Anyway I apoligize to all five of my readers for the short entry, if I win, I will write the longest tournament report of all time, which quite possibly two of you may even bother reading.

Until next time....


  1. Dylan Sez,
    WHat do you du about turn 1 Iona?

  2. play aether vial, wait three turns and sting scourger it o_O or lose

  3. Hope the deck worked out like you wanted it to! Looking forward to the report :D